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Chapter 26: Separated Waters
Chapter 25: Terror on the Lake
Chapter 24: TBD
The scene opens with the two exiles running into a group of ballerinas eating the dead body of The Surgeon like a pack of hyenas. The ballerinas, catching sight of the exiles chase them. The exiles try to slow the ballerinas down by playing different music styles from the tapes in the bag given to them by The Surgeon, but with every music change, the ballerinas continue their pursuit employing different dance styles (ballet, tap, hip hop, modern). After several attempts, the exiles come upon a tape of applause and the ballerinas are forced to stop and bow, providing the exiles a chance to escape.
Chapter 23: Full Recovery
Chapter 22: Surgical
Chapter 21: Ghost Ride the Whip
Chapter 20: TBD
The two exiles are chased by a hoard of minion ballerinas. Retreating to their car, they proceed to run down the ballerinas until there is nothing left but a pile of bodies.
Chapter X: Elsewhere
Chapter 19: Dog Nights of Summer
Chapter 18: Holy Sheets
Chapter 17: Woods Exile
Chapter 16: Clothes Decline
Chapter 15: TBD
The two exiles celebrate their victory from the ballerina at the Hoetel. They dance playfully in the hoetel's parking lot.
Chapter 14: TBD
The Principal is practicing turns at her headquarters. The distraught minion brings her an armful of ballet shoes (from the previous scene) as a report of the murder.
Omitted: Body Count
Chapter 13: Dirty Hoetel
Chapter 12: A Dash of Gentleman
Omitted: Bench Marks
Chapter 11: Board Meeting
Omitted: Lot Solo
Omitted: Composite Solo
The Cave and Lot solos edited together.
Omitted: Lot Solo
Omitted: Cave Solo
Chapter 10: Traveling Rhodes
Chapter 9: Awakened
Chapter 8: Night Walkers
The bodies of the two exiles lie on the ground. Their spirits rise from the bodies and dance together until pulled in opposite directions by unseen forces.
Chapter 7: Enter Dragon
Chapter 6: TBD
The two exiles sneak into a network of tunnels and dance together, seeking comfort. The Principle phones The Dragon, who sits in the branches of a tree.
Omitted: Enter the Tunnel
Chapter 5: The Bel Air Motor Inn
Chapter 4: The Bel Air Nightmare
The two exiles sleep soundly in a hotel room. The Gentleman arrives (magically) with a suitcase and unpacks the minion. Placing a hand on both the head of the minion and the head of a sleeping exile, The Gentleman transports the two into a series of dreamscapes in which the minion bullies the exile, appearing first to be a friend and then turning on them without warning. After a number of these scenes The Gentleman repacks the minion and transports the exiles, still asleep, to a new hotel room (in which they awake in the next chapter).
Chapter 3: TBD
The Princpal practies at her headquarters. A young minion ballerina arrives tearfully carrying an armful of ballet shoes (from the previous scene), informing The Principal of the murder. The Principal contacts The Gentleman while preparing the minion (putting hair into bun, lacing up ballet shoes, makeup).
Omitted: Raise and Wrap
Chapter 2: Last Dance
Chapter 1: Ballerina Down
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